Trolley Mounted Mudpump with Engine

Product Diameter :
  • 6" to 42" O.D
Product Depth :
  • 100 Meter to 800 Meter

The Trolley Mounted Mudpump with Engine is hydraulically operated top
drive drilling rig design to handle DTH water drilling application,
and the body of this mud pump is constructed from best steel for
withstanding standing shocks, drilling loads and vibration. This
product makes any rig a portable drilling rig which is powerful and
efficient in any application of water well drilling, borehole
drilling, mud drilling, or borewell drilling.

This Trolley Mounted Mudpump with Engine is very similar to the
truck-mounted water drilling rig but rather than a truck it comes with
a movable trolley which makes it compact in size and can even work in
the smallest of the sites. The depth of this accessory ranges from 100
to 800 meters.

Product Technical Info : :Mudpump with Extra Engine Gear Mounted on Trolley