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DTH Drilling Rig

Product Diameter :
  • 6" to 12" O.D
Product Depth :
  • 2000 Feet

DTH Drilling Rig is basically used for Drilling strong rocks with the help of its powerful DTH hammers and the Rigs provided by TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES can proficiently be utilized for Water conservancy, Borewell Drilling, Deep water well Drilling, Mud Drilling and it can also be used on multiple sites because the DTH Drilling rig is a portable Drilling rig which makes it an easy to use land Drilling machinery.

TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES Aims to thrive in the competitive market as DTH Drilling Rigs Manufacturers, DTH Drilling Rigs Exporter, and we provide these DTH Drilling Rigs for sale at very efficient and competitive rates which helps in complete customer/client satisfaction.

Product Technical Info : :DTH Drilling Rig.