Water Drilling Rigs Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

Drilling Rig Machine

Product Diameter :
  • 6" to 18" O.D
Product Depth :
  • 100 Meter to 450 Meter

TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES has manufactured an All-rounder rig for various diverse functions like Water-well drilling, Mud Drilling Rig manufacturer, Bore-Well Drilling, Earth Drilling, Deepwater Drilling, Used Water Drilling, Land drilling, and Borehole drilling. Whether it be stable or unstable surface this rig can function anywhere and is an all-purpose rig.

Furthermore, this rig can dig up to
450 meters without any hassle. The components and the equipment of this Rig are manufactured and exported by TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES with the best quality in the market at the cheapest of the prices.

Product Technical Info : :Drilling Rig for All Work of Drilling Purpose.