Compressor of Drilling

Drilling Rig Machine
Product Diameter :
  • 4" to 7" O.D
Product Depth :
  • 100 Meter to 200 Meter

"The Machinery is as good as its Equipment", which brings us to the
most prominent part of any Water drilling rig machinery-"The

This small portable air compressor is suited for many practices in the
harshest of work environments. These ‘value for money’ small mobile
air compressors, used in combination with pneumatic tools are
tailor-made to suit various Drilling rigs weather used for water well
drilling, mud drilling, borewell drilling or air drilling which makes
the whole package a Powerful drilling rig. Talking about working
efficiency, this compressor can work up to 800 meters.

Product Technical Info : :Air Compressor for Water Drilling Rig