Water Drilling Rigs Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands/models of equipment are available for rent?

Terramac? RT9, Diedrich (D-50 & D120 track rigs, D-50 skid rig), Geoprobe? (7822DT, 420M, 540MT, 6712DT), Vacmaster, and more.

What kinds of fabrications does Rig Source do?

Complete rebuilds, remount, and repair.

What type of help does the service department provide?

Trouble shooting, ordering and product support, education and referral as necessary.

How does Rig Source ship equipment?

Brokers are available for domestic and international shipping.

What brands of equipment does Rig Source sell?

Rig Source carries most brands including: Terramac?, Atlas Copco, Diedrich, Geoprobe?, Morooka, and IHI.

What are the rental options available?

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly