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Rodline ( Drill Pipe)

Product Diameter :
  • Rodline 4.5" & 5.5" O.D
Product Depth :
  • 15 to 20 Feet Length

Rodline(drill pipe) is an important section of the drill string, TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES manufactures the drill pipes in a designed manner that it can transfer the drilling torque of water drilling rig,hydraulic water Drilling rig, single-unit water Drilling rig,reconditioned rig and other well Drilling machines that often exceed distinct miles down into the Earths crust.

The Rodlines that are used in applications like Mud Drilling, Earth Drilling, or water well Drilling is basically composed of a steel tube with a pin at one end and a box on the other. The task of a drill pipe is to transmit rotational torque and thrust from the Water Well Drilling Rig.

Product Technical Info : :Best Rodline for Water Drilling