Water Drilling Rigs Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

Hammer Bits

Product Diameter :
  • 4" to 24" O.D
Product Depth :
  • 3000 Feet

TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES is a leading Drilling Rig Manufacturer in India and We also manufacture our accessories.

One of the most important accessories of any "Powerful Drilling Rig", "Land Drilling Rig", or"Tractor Drilling Machine" is its Powerful DTH Hammer bit. These "DTH Hammers" are used for Blast Hole Drilling and Water Well Drilling projects.

We select best steels for the manufacturing of these accessories so that the smooth functioning of any well Drilling machine is sustained. Furthermore, this Bore Well Drilling Equipment has a depth of up to 3000 ft and can break up the soil with very few efforts.

Product Technical Info : :Hammer bit