Automatic Dth Drilling Rig

Drilling Rig Machine
Product Diameter :
  • Dth Water Drilling Rig
Product Depth :
  • 600 Meter to 750 Meter

We live in the world of Automation and that brings us to our new
automated DTH drilling rig, We are one of the best Automatic "DTH
drilling rig manufacturers", "Automatic Dth Drilling Rig exporter", "Dth
Drilling Rig in Ahmedabad", and this rigs can be used for used water
drilling, water well drilling, and land drilling.

This rig Manufactured by Tirupati Enterprises is well built and well
functional with very little resistance in performance and it can dig a
hole up to 750 meters deep.

Product Technical Info : :Automatic Drilling Rig Good for Water Drilling