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DTH/DR Drilling Rig-Combination Rig

Product Diameter :
  • 6" to 14" O.D
Product Depth :
  • 100 Meter to 800 Meter

Talk about Mud Drilling or Rock Drilling, This combination of both can do it with minimal efforts and low labor energy. TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES has come up with a DTH/DR Drilling Rig-Combination Rig keeping in mind the requirements of clients/customers which has a Mud pump drive-by Extra Deck Engine resulting in low maintenance cost. This easy to apply Combination Rig is especially required in that area where the water level is very down, the land surface is unstable, moist land, and it still can dig up to the capacity of 800 meters with near to no efforts. Additionally, every Equipment required is already equipped on the truck itself so there is no need to carry any other apparatus.

Product Technical Info : :DTH Drilling Rig with Mudpump drive by Extra Deck Engine