Water Drilling Rigs Machine Manufacturer & Exporter


Product Diameter :
  • 5x8 to 10x7.5"
Product Depth :
  • 800 Meter

A Mud Pump is an essential part of the Drilling rig used for Water well Drilling in India. TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES is one of the top accessories manufacturers, and we design our Mud Pumps in such a way that it has smooth operation, minimal vibration and very low noise. The structure of these Mud Pumps is serene and straightforward for the disassembly and has a low maintenance cost. Being one of the top Water well Drilling rig manufacturers in India

TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES aims to provide all accessories required for assembly of the Rotary Drilling Rig, own the hole Drilling Rig, used water Drilling Rig or any other Drilling Rig Machine. Additionally,the Mud Pumps manufactured by us has an operative depth of up to 800 meters.

Product Technical Info : :Mud Pump for all size