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• Drilling is a cutting process that uses a drilling rig machine to cut a hole of circular
cross-section in solid materials like land or mud. This rig includes the drill bit which is usually
a rotary cutting tool, often multi-pointed. This drilling bit is pressed against the land of mud and
it is rotated at rates from hundreds to thousands of revolutions per minute. This forces the cutting
edge against the land or mud, cutting off the apparatus from the hole as it is drilled. In rock
drilling, the hole is usually not made through a circular cutting motion. Instead, the hole is
usually made by hammering a drill bit into the hole with quickly repeated short movements coming
from the Drilling rig machine. The hammering action can be performed from outside the hole
(top-hammer drill) or within the hole (down-the-hole drill, DTH). Drilling may affect the mechanical
properties of the land by creating low residual stresses around the hole opening and a very thin
layer of highly stressed and disturbed material on the newly formed surface hole. This causes the
land to become more capable of corrosion and crack propagation at the stressed surface. A finish
operation may be done to avoid these detrimental conditions. Drilled holes are characterized by
their sharp edge on the entrance side and the presence of burns on the exit side (unless they have
been removed).

• The deep hole drilling is defined as drilling a hole of depth greater than ten times the diameter
of the hole. These types of holes require special equipment like Hydraulic drilling rig to maintain
the straightness and tolerances from deep down the hole. Other considerations are roundness and
surface finish which also can be tackled with high-end devices. This type of deep hole drilling is
generally achievable with a few tooling methods, usually mud drilling or earth drilling. These are
differentiated due to the internal or external chip removal method. Using methods such as a DTH cum
rotary drilling rig machine and counter-rotating the land are common techniques to achieve the
required straightness and smoothness of the deep holes. Secondary tooling methods include powerful
drilling, deep water well drilling, skiving, and burnishing, pull boring, or bottle boring. Finally,
a new kind of drilling technology is available to face this drilling - vibration drilling, this type
of drilling is achieved through portable drilling rigs such as DTH drilling rig and rotary drilling
rig. Further, this technology breaks up the chips of the hard land by a small controlled axial
vibration of the drill. The small chips are easily removed by the flutes of the drill. A high tech
monitoring system is used to control force, torque, vibrations, and acoustic emission from the
earth's core. Here, Vibration is considered a major defect in deep hole drilling which can often
cause the drill to break. A special coolant is usually used to aid in this type of drilling.
Furthermore, this is usually the most economical method of testing and it provides the physical
sample for the soil classification.


a ) DTH Drilling -

• Down - the - hole drilling, usually called DTH by most professionals, is performed by a mini
jackhammer screwed on the bottom of a DTH drilling rig. The fast hammer action of the DTH drilling
rig machine breaks hard rock into small pieces and dust and is blown clear by the air exhaust from
the DTH hammer. DTH hammer is one of the fastest ways to drill hard rock and land. Now smaller
portable drilling rig with DTH hammers can drill as fast as those much larger truck rigs with this
newer and efficient technology. The system is thought to have been invented independently in Belgium
and Ingersoll Rand in the USA in the mid-1950s. The origin of the name - DTH is short for
“down-the-hole”, Since the DTH method was originally developed to drill large diameter holes
downwards in the surface, another reason is the fact that the percussion mechanism followed the bit
down into the hole. Applications were later found for the DTH method underground, where the
direction of drilling is generally upwards instead of downwards.

b ) Rotary Drilling -

• Rotary drilling is most commonly used to drill big holes in the earth's crust for water well
purposes. In rotary crushing, the most commonly used bits are three-cone drill bits covered by many
teeth or buttons that rotate freely like planetary gear and crushes the rock and land as the drill
bit is rotated. The downward thrust is achieved by the weight of the drill rig itself, and the
rotation is applied at the end of the drill pipe. This rotation is provided by a hydraulic or an
electric motor, and the rotation speeds often vary from 50 to 130 rpm. Further, compressed air is
often used to discharge cuttings from the bottom of the hole. The size of the gap between the drill
pipe and the wall of the hole is related to the flushing of the drill cutting apparatus. In case if
the gap is too narrow or too wide, it will lower the drilling speed. Additionally, rotary drilling
is suitable for borehole sizes from 200 to 450 mm in diameter. So good so far, rotary drilling has
been the dominant method in large water well drilling. One of the disadvantages of rotary drilling
rigs is that they are not suitable for drilling an inclined borehole, which is favorable to the
process of rock blasting.

c ) Hydraulic Drilling -

• The hydraulic drilling method performed on existing wells usually involves deepenings,
side-tracks, and replacing segments of existing water well for several reasons. One of these is to
infiltrate and expose a new reservoir for natural water resources. Another is to bypass a damaged
water well section. In addition, another subordinate reason might be to drill around unrecoverable
junk that blocks a portion of the water well or to place a new hole in the reservoir at a different
place. Furthermore, If we shed light on the technical aspects of hydraulic drilling, the drilling
hydraulics is considered as the most important factor in drilling performance. The rate of
penetration can be significantly increased using state of the art techniques for hydraulics
optimization to minimize the company's drilling cost. The goal of this optimization is to make the
maximum utilization of the pump's power to help the bit drill a hole at maximum efficiency. This is
achieved by minimizing the energy loss due to friction in the circulating system and use the saved
energy to improve bit hydraulics.

d ) Truck Mounted Drilling -

• In the Truck-mounted drilling process, the drill bit from the powerful drilling rig is pushed into
the well, and drilling fluid or "mud" is pumped through the drill pipe into the well. The drilling
fluid lubricates the drill bit and brings the apparatus from the bit back to the surface of the
earth. The density and chemical composition of the drilling fluid must be restricted to fit the
water well conditions. Otherwise, the well could collapse or otherwise destroy itself in such a
process. The rig supervisor and the mud engineer work together to make sure the drilling fluid is
properly formulated and the drilling rig machine is put to best use. Moreover, the well's purpose
will usually determine how it is finished. An exploratory well will usually be complete. In most
cases, this means a cementer is brought to the drilling rig to formulate a cement plug to shut it
off. If it is production water well, it will be connected to a pump system to extract the water from
the well into some kind of storage--like a tanker ship for off-shore wells. This type of drilling
method is used in small-sized sites where there is a requirement for a compact portable drilling rig

e ) Dth/dr Drilling -

• DTH/DR drilling was originally developed to drill out boreholes and water holes and is used
commonly for drilling smaller diameter deep holes. The depth to diameter ratio can be even greater
than 300:1. The key feature of this method of drilling is that the bits of the drilling rig machine
are self-centering; this is what allows for such deep and accurate holes inside the surface of the
earth. The bits utilized in this DTH/DR drilling rig machine use a rotary motion similar to a twist
drill; however, the bits are specifically made with bearing pads that slide along the surface of the
hole keeping the drill bit on center. this type of drilling method is usually done at high speeds
and low feed rates. DTH/DR drilling is based on rotating a cutting tool around its axis
simultaneously, about a center axis that is offset from the axis of the cutting tool. This cutting
tool can then be moved altogether in an axial direction to drill a hole in the land, and/or combined
with an arbitrary sidewards motion to machine an opening or cavity. Further, By adjusting the
offset, a cutting tool of a specific diameter can be used to drill holes of different diameters as
per the client's/customers' requirements. This implies that the cutting tool inventory can be
substantially reduced.

f ) Automatic Dth Drilling -

• The Automatic down the hole drilling process is important in all types of industries because it is
used to make holes into or through the land, earth, or other materials like rock. These drilling
machines use a drilling tool that has cutting edges at its endpoint. This cutting tool is held in
the drill machine by a quill taper and is rotated and fed into the land, rock or any surface at
constant speeds. Drilling machines may be used to perform other operations, like they can perform
countersinking, boring, counterboring, spot facing, reaming, and tapping. The automatic drilling
machine is the most common process in drilling industries. Further, control engineering is one of
the aspects, which have proven to have been given a great deal by many researchers and
professionals. It became a great concern in many drilling areas such as industry, agriculture,
medicine, education, and infrastructure. This Automatic control system has emerged as an integrated
part in water well drilling, mud drilling, and other rock drilling applications. This project is
devoted to the use of an automatic control system in the drilling industry.


0 1 ) Well Water Is Free -

• After the primary installation of your water well, the water you pump from the ground and into
your home is free. No monthly bill, no municipal fees, no hidden charges, and no rising costs. In
some places, you can even get a state or federal tax credit for having a well installed on your
property for ongoing savings. While free water is a huge benefit, there are a few costs associated
with a water well. For example, you’ll have to pay periodic maintenance from a reputable
environmental company, such as Applied Resource Management. Depending on the quality of your water,
you might also have to invest in a water softening or filtration system. Overall, however, the well
water a cost-effective choice.

0 2 ) Well Water Is Reliable -

• A well can be drilled into your land anywhere the drilling rig equipment can fit. This means that
your well can be close to your home, site, or office as opposed to city water, which has to travel
miles just to get to your faucet. Not only does traveling that far cost money, but it also relies on
the city’s infrastructure. With well water, you won’t have to worry about interruptions in service
that are outside of your control, such burst water main across town. Your water, and access to it,
belongs entirely and absolutely to you.

0 3 ) Well Water Is Good For You -

• Some people assume well water isn’t filtered to the same standards as city water, but in reality,
the opposite is true. Well water is filtered naturally, providing the health benefits of water
without the chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that are commonly found in city water. And, while
this may be an issue of personal preference, most people will agree that well water tastes better
and is more refreshing, thanks to the fact that it’s truly all naturally filtered. Additionally,
with a little planning and regular maintenance from a team of professionals, free, reliable, healthy
water can be yours for n number of years.


• The drilling process is a very wide and dynamic industrial process. Apart from extracting natural
resources like water, there are other resources too which are obtained and preserved through the
drilling process. This various resource includes :

0 1 ) Rock
0 2 ) Oil
0 3 ) stones
0 4 ) coal
0 5 ) Gas
0 6 ) Construction footings
0 7 ) Diamond
0 8 
) Fossils 
0 9 ) Restoration related materials


• Drilling technology has attained a steady growth since the 19th century. However, several basic
limiting factors will determine the depth to which a borehole or water wells can be sunk. Moving
further, all holes must maintain its outer diameter; the diameter of the hole must remain wider than
the diameter of the drilling rods or the drilling rods cannot turn in the hole and the drilling
process cannot continue. The friction caused by the drilling operation will tend to reduce the
outside diameter of the drilling bit. This applies to all sorts of drilling methods, except that in
diamond core drilling; the use of thinner rods and casing may permit the hole to continue. The
casing is simply a hollow sheath that protects the hole against collapse during drilling procedure
and is made of metal or PVC. Often diamond holes will start at a large diameter and when the outside
diameter is lost, thinner rods put down inside casing to continue, until finally, the hole becomes
too narrow. Alternatively, the hole can be reamed; this is the usual practice in oil well drilling
where the hole size is maintained down to the next casing point.

• For percussion techniques, the main limitation tends to be air pressure. Air must be delivered to
the piston at sufficient pressure to activate the desired action, and in turn, drive the head into
the rock with enough strength to fracture the hole. With depth, the volume is added to the in-rod
string, requiring larger compressors to achieve operational drilling pressures. Secondly,
groundwater is ever-present and increases in pressure with depth in the ground. The air inside the
rod string must be pressurized enough to overcome this water pressure at the bit face. Then, the air
must be able to carry the rock fragments to the surface. This is why depths over 500 m for reverse
circulation drilling are rarely achieved because the cost is prohibitive and approaches the
threshold at which diamond core drilling is more economic.

• Moving forward, Diamond drilling can routinely achieve depths over 1200 m. In cases where the
money is no issue, extreme depths have been achieved, because there is no requirement to overcome
water pressure. However, water circulation must be maintained to return the drill cuttings to
surface, and more importantly to maintain cooling and lubrication of the cutting surface of the bit;
while at the same time reduce friction on the steel walls of the rods turning against the rock walls
of the drilled hole. When water return is lost the rods will vibrate, this is called "rod chatter",
and that will damage the drill rods, and crack the joints.


• Let us see what our history suggests! Until hydraulic drilling rigs were developed in the late
19th century, the main method for drilling rock and land was the muscle power of man or animal.
Tirupati enterprise has crossed all the stepping stones with our hard-working employees and never
doubting clients/customers -

[ A ] Year 1996 - The Creation :

• Tirupati Enterprises (Unit of Tirupati Drilling Rig Pvt. Ltd.) has three decades of leading
experience in the manufacturing, distribution, sales and after-sales services of Down the hole (DTH)
Button Bits and Hammers. The Tirupati Group was established in the year 1996 defining our expertise
in this exciting industry.

[ B ] Year 2001 - The Extention :

• Our Group of companies manufactures all the standard and customized sizes of Down the hole (DTH)
Button Bits and Hammers ranging from 4 inches to 18 inches and also undertakes the process of
manufacturing them in any size or type as per clients/customers diverse requirements. In the Year
2001, we achieved yet another landmark in this pertaining industry by making standardized oversize
Hammers and Bits for the bores of 12 inches Diameter and above for export as per situational and
conceptual requirements. We have received compliments from various foreign markets for the speed and
durability of the products resulting in continued repeated orders from 1994 till the date. Honestly,
when we thought of establishing and extending our group of companies, we had no idea how far this
decision would take us in this competitive economic world, we weren’t even sure that how would we be
able to survive in here for a few years. But What drove us at the establishment of this company was
the understanding and self-belief that we could provide a type service no one else can provide with
the same zeal and enthusiasm.

[ C ] Year 2004 - Consolidation and Handling:

• The group introduced Mega Mission type Hammer, an improvement over DHD type Hammer, for the first
time in the region in 2004. This product has received the unanimous support of the clients/customers
in India. Today, the DHD type of Hammers and bits are totally out of date and our Mega type Hammers
have become indispensable because of their high speed of drilling, performance efficiency and low
maintenance. Additionally, In the year 2004, We established our base in manufacturing, Exporting,
selling and distribution of High-end drilling rigs. Drilling rigs can be massive structures housing
equipment used to drill water wells or they can be small enough to be moved manually by one person
and such are called portable augers. The term "rig" therefore generally and specifically refers to
the complex equipment that is used to create a hole in the surface of the Earth's crust for various
applications depending upon the situations. Small to medium-sized DTH drilling rigs are portable
drilling rigs, such as those used in water drilling, mud drilling, land drilling, blast hole, and
earth drilling. Further, Small mobile drilling rigs are also used to drill or bore piles. Rigs can
range from 100-ton continuous flight auger (CFA) rigs to small air powered rigs used to drill holes
for water well, etc. These rigs use the same technology and equipment as the oil drilling rigs, just
on a smaller scale.

[ D ] Year 2012 - New landmarks with R & D :

• The company is a part of the prestigious Tirupati Group, catering effectively to various
industrial needs for Water Well Drilling Rigs, Combination rigs, portable drilling rigs, land
drilling rigs, DTH drilling rigs, Mud drilling rigs, earth drilling rigs, DTH cum rotary drilling
rigs along with the Spares and Consumables for above mentioned Drilling Rigs. The Group has not only
carved a niche in the national market but has created many landmarks through its innovative products
as a result of its constant Research and Developments. The Group has remained unbeaten Market Leader
in India with its highest sales of Down - the hole (DTH) Button Bits and Hammers in the region since
1996 and till 2012 we have also been prominent in manufacturing and selling of all types of drilling
rigs in the pre-existing industry.

• We have continuously researched and produced different kinds of drilling rig machine which
fulfills the needs and requirements of all types of clients/customers. To name a few power-based
rigs that we have researched and been a leading manufacturer and supplier are :

a. Mechanical — this type of powered rig uses torque converters, clutches, and transmissions powered
by its engines, often diesel based.
b. Electric — the major items of machinery are driven by 
electric motors, usually with power generated on-site using internal combustion engines.
c. Hydraulic — the rig primarily uses modern technology for drilling with the newly introduced
hydraulic power-based drilling rigs.
d. Pneumatic — the rig is essentially powered and functioned by pressurized air 
e. Steam — the rig uses steam-powered engines and pumps (obsolete after the middle
of the 20th century.)

[ E ] Year 2019 - Adapting the Industry requirements :

• Adapting to pertaining conditions and situations is the core of developing for any existing
manufacturing company, keeping that in mind, along with our professionals working hard on the
research and development, We as a unit at Tirupati Enterprise are modifying the methods and drilling
equipment that our company manufactures. A fine example of this is the Automatic drilling machine.
An automated drill rig (A D R) is an automated full-sized portable land-based drilling rig that
drills long and sturdy sections of the land in horizontal wells for water and borehole drilling.
These powerful drilling rigs that can move from pad to pad to new well sites and borewell sites
faster than other full-sized drilling rigs are a remarkable achievement of The Tirupati Group.
Moreover, this Automatic drilling rig can extensively be used in borehole drilling, water boring,
water well drilling, land drilling, deep water well drilling, rotary drilling, mud drilling and last
but not the least earth drilling.

• According to our expert's team, "Each automatic drilling rig will generate 50,000 man-hours of
work during the construction phase and upon completion, each operating rig will, directly and
indirectly, employ more than 100 workers." which is also great economically and environmentally
friendly compared to the conventional drilling rigs. "ENSIGN", an international oilfield services
contractor based company in Calgary, Alberta, that makes Automatic drilling rigs claims that these
drilling rig machines are "safer to operate, have "enhanced controls intelligence," "reduced
environmental footprint, quick mobility and advanced communications between field and office.



• The fortune of any corporate entity depends entirely on its Vision and Ethics. The Tirupati
Enterprises (Unit of Tirupati Drilling Rig Pvt. Ltd.) believes in superior quality, customer
satisfaction, and progressive yet constant improvement through innovation. Some of the visionary
goals set by the management team are :

a ) We want to be a reputed manufacturer of a huge assortment of DTH drilling rigs, Borehole
drilling rigs, well-drilling rigs, combination drilling rigs, portable drilling rigs, land drilling
rigs, DTH cum rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic water drilling rigs, drilling rig machine, mud
drilling rigs, earth drilling rigs, and powerful drilling rigs in India.

b ) We want to be a well-known exporter of a huge patchwork of DTH drilling rigs, Borehole drilling
rigs, well-drilling rigs, combination drilling rigs, portable drilling rigs, land drilling rigs, DTH
cum rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic water drilling rigs, drilling rig machine, mud drilling rigs,
earth drilling rigs, and powerful drilling rigs in India.

c ) we want to reach the pinnacle of success in this Drilling rig machine industry and keep
manufacturing pieces of machinery like DTH drilling rigs, Borehole drilling rigs, well-drilling
rigs, combination drilling rigs, portable drilling rigs, land drilling rigs, DTH cum rotary drilling
rigs, hydraulic water drilling rigs, drilling rig machine, mud drilling rigs, earth drilling rigs,
and powerful drilling rigs.

d ) we want to achieve the tag of one of the best name in this industry as the supplier of DTH
drilling rigs, Borehole drilling rigs, well-drilling rigs, combination drilling rigs, portable
drilling rigs, land drilling rigs, DTH cum rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic water drilling rigs,
drilling rig machine, mud drilling rigs, earth drilling rigs, and powerful drilling rigs in India.

e ) we want to all our products at specifically the best in the market DTH drilling rig price,
Borehole drilling rig price, well-drilling rig price, combination drilling rig price, portable
drilling rig price, land drilling rig price, DTH cum rotary drilling rig price, hydraulic water
drilling rig price, drilling rig machine price, mud drilling rig price, earth drilling rig price,
and powerful drilling rig price in India.


• It is the mission Tirupati Group to be the finest commercial quality water well drilling rig
manufacturer in India. We believe that our company is not and will not be successful unless our
customers are entirely satisfied with our products and services. We are committed to enhancing our
customer’s satisfaction with responsiveness, and quality service that sets the topmost industry
standards. Tirupati Enterprises understands the value of continuous improvement and commitment to
our most valuable asset, "our clientele". We will undertake our best performance in every aspect of
our business by utilizing our core competencies, fostering a culture of trust, teamwork, and

Our supporting Missions includes -

a ) Connect with our audience. 
b ) Stay in touch with our existing customers. 
c ) Apply Differential 
qualities from our competitors and provide the best. 
d ) We aim to achieve manufacturing U S P in all kinds of Water Drilling Rig Machine in Ahmedabad, India.
e ) Perform our day to day life with honesty and integrity. 
f ) Conduct all business lawfully and ethically. 
g ) Treat our employee's 
team with respect and integrity. 
h ) Accept individual and corporate responsibility to our best. 
i ) 
Strive the utmost for customer satisfaction. 
j ) Improve and innovate continuously with the help of our research and development team.
k ) Never spoil wastage and sustain our valuable resources. 
l ) Always provide our services and products by implementing our corporate responsibility effectively
and efficiently. 
m) To provide for our customers/clients the highest level of manufacturing quality
construction services at fair and market competitive prices. 
n) To ensure the foregoing existence of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas 
including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes. 
o ) To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates, and customers.
 p ) To come up with better and efficient products and accessories apart from our DTH drilling rigs, Borehole drilling rigs, well-drilling rigs, combination drilling rigs, portable drilling rigs, land drilling rigs, DTH cum rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic water drilling rigs, drilling rig machine, mud drilling rigs, earth drilling rigs, and powerful drilling rigs.


• The Product's Quality and robust structure make any company built trust in its existing
customers/clients. We at Tirupati Enterprises have hired Professionals for quality check procedures
and performance efficiency. The products manufactured by us are widely appreciated for its
distinguished features like superior strength, high efficiency and premium grade performance. Our
differing products include :


0 1 - DTH Drilling Rig
0 2 - Rotary Drilling Rig
0 3 - Hydraulic Drilling Rig
0 4 - Dth/dr Drilling 
0 5 - Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig
0 6 - Truck Mounted Drilling Rig
0 7 - Automatic Dth Drilling 
0 8 - Dth Water Well Drilling Rig
0 9 - Skid Mounted Drilling Rig
1 0 - Drilling Rig Machine 
1 1- Water Drilling Rig Automatic System
1 2 - Compressor of Drilling
1 3 - Dth/dr Drilling Rig Machine
1 4 - Dth/dr Drilling Rig-Combination Rig


0 1 - Hammer Bits
0 2 - Rodline ( Drill pipe)
0 3 - uPVC Casing Pipe-PVC pipe
0 4 - Mud pump
0 5 - R
R Bit 7 T.C Bit 
0 6 - Steel Casing Pipe
0 7 - Trolley Mounted Mudpump with Engine
0 8 - Odex Hammer 
0 9 - Hand-pump for water drilling
1 0 - Dth Drilling Bit


• Along with our extravagant products and a wide variety of accessories, We also provide some useful
services to our clients/customers which helps guides our clientele for the future. We provide
services like -

0 1 ) Trucking and Warehousing.
0 2 ) Consolidation.
0 3 ) Handling.
0 4 ) Packaging.
0 5 ) Freight.
0 6 ) Insurance.
0 7 ) Export Counseling.
0 8 ) After-sales services.
0 9 ) Festive Bargaining. 
1 0 ) Delivery of Pieces of machinery.
1 1 ) Delivery of Accessories.


• The raw material used by Tirupati Enterprises is the supreme quality special alloy steel, which is
produced by international leaders in the field of Drilling. The carbide button used in the drilling
bit is also manufactured by the international leaders in this field. The manufacturing
infrastructure is centralized and no out-source job work is relied upon in our Enterprise. The
production involves a plethora of quality checks at each level of manufacturing using the most
sophisticated instruments under expert supervision. The products are heat treated for optimum
hardness using the most sophisticated electronically controlled machines under professional
supervision and each unit is tested before the final operation.


• The Tirupati Enterprises Group was established in the year 1996. Since then, we have been backed
and supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructural unit. Our infrastructure is valued for its large
production capacity and standardized production. To ensure that all the on-going processes are
carried out professionally, we have equipped our infrastructure with the latest technology machines,
cutting machines, welding machines, and drilling machines. In addition to this, we have appointed a
team of machine operators and other supporting staff to handle and manage different units of our

• The infrastructure of Tirupati Group consists of several different Hi-tech infrastructural
departments, which work in close coordination with each other. Some of the departments include R&D,
quality control, sales, warehousing, and packaging. All the divisions are efficiently managed by a
deft team of professionals and experts. These experts keep themselves updated about the recent
market trends and incorporate these trends into our manufacturing process. Since our manufacturing
unit is well connected by roadways, we have assured the timely delivery of our products to our