Water Drilling Rigs Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

Skid Mounted Drilling Rig

Product Diameter :
  • 6" to 12"
Product Depth :
  • 350 Meter to 450 Meter

TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES is one of the top Drilling Rig Manufacturers in Ahmedabad and we have expertise in Manufacturing different kinds of machinery for Drilling purposes. Every land drilling requires a Portable Drilling Rig Machinery which can operate in the smallest of sites and which can adjust to every drilling vehicle. 

TIRUPATI ENTERPRISES presents you our Skid Mounted Drilling Rig(without truck) which can meet any type of Water Drilling expectations. The whole unit is tremendously compact and has a quick setup due to its skid-mounted structure. Additionally, due to the sleek design of this Rig, it can work in small-sized sites with ease. The drilling capacity of this rig is up to 450 meters.