Water Drilling Rigs Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

History of Tirupati Group :

[ A ] Year 1996 - The Creation :

• Tirupati Enterprises (Unit of Tirupati Drilling Rig Pvt. Ltd.) has three decades of leading
experience in the manufacturing, distribution, sales and after-sales services of Down the hole (DTH)
Button Bits and Hammers. The Tirupati Group was established in the year 1996 defining our expertise
in this exciting industry.

[ B ] Year 2001 - The Extention :

• Our Group of companies manufactures all the standard and customized sizes of Down the hole (DTH)
Button Bits and Hammers ranging from 4 inches to 18 inches and also undertakes the process of
manufacturing them in any size or type as per clients/customers diverse requirements. In the Year
2001, we achieved yet another landmark in this pertaining industry by making standardized oversize
Hammers and Bits for the bores of 12 inches Diameter and above for export as per situational and
conceptual requirements. We have received compliments from various foreign markets for the speed and
durability of the products resulting in continued repeated orders from 1994 till the date. Honestly,
when we thought of establishing and extending our group of companies, we had no idea how far this
decision would take us in this competitive economic world, we weren’t even sure that how would we be
able to survive in here for a few years. But What drove us at the establishment of this company was
the understanding and self-belief that we could provide a type service no one else can provide with
the same zeal and enthusiasm.

[ C ] Year 2004 - Consolidation and Handling:

• The group introduced Mega Mission type Hammer, an improvement over DHD type Hammer, for the first
time in the region in 2004. This product has received the unanimous support of the clients/customers
in India. Today, the DHD type of Hammers and bits are totally out of date and our Mega type Hammers
have become indispensable because of their high speed of drilling, performance efficiency and low
maintenance. Additionally, In the year 2004, We established our base in manufacturing, Exporting,
selling and distribution of High-end drilling rigs. Drilling rigs can be massive structures housing
equipment used to drill water wells or they can be small enough to be moved manually by one person
and such are called portable augers. The term "rig" therefore generally and specifically refers to
the complex equipment that is used to create a hole in the surface of the Earth's crust for various
applications depending upon the situations. Small to medium-sized DTH drilling rigs are portable
drilling rigs, such as those used in water drilling, mud drilling, land drilling, blast hole, and
earth drilling. Further, Small mobile drilling rigs are also used to drill or bore piles. Rigs can
range from 100-ton continuous flight auger (CFA) rigs to small air powered rigs used to drill holes
for water well, etc. These rigs use the same technology and equipment as the oil drilling rigs, just
on a smaller scale.

[ D ] Year 2012 - New landmarks with R & D :

• The company is a part of the prestigious Tirupati Group, catering effectively to various
industrial needs for Water Well Drilling Rigs, Combination rigs, portable drilling rigs, land
drilling rigs, DTH drilling rigs, Mud drilling rigs, earth drilling rigs, DTH cum rotary drilling
rigs along with the Spares and Consumables for above mentioned Drilling Rigs. The Group has not only
carved a niche in the national market but has created many landmarks through its innovative products
as a result of its constant Research and Developments. The Group has remained unbeaten Market Leader
in India with its highest sales of Down - the hole (DTH) Button Bits and Hammers in the region since
1996 and till 2012 we have also been prominent in manufacturing and selling of all types of drilling
rigs in the pre-existing industry.

• We have continuously researched and produced different kinds of drilling rig machine which
fulfills the needs and requirements of all types of clients/customers. To name a few power-based
rigs that we have researched and been a leading manufacturer and supplier are :

a. Mechanical — this type of powered rig uses torque converters, clutches, and transmissions powered
by its engines, often diesel based. b. Electric — the major items of machinery are driven by
electric motors, usually with power generated on-site using internal combustion engines. c.
Hydraulic — the rig primarily uses modern technology for drilling with the newly introduced
hydraulic power-based drilling rigs. d. Pneumatic — the rig is essentially powered and functioned by
pressurized air e. Steam — the rig uses steam-powered engines and pumps (obsolete after the middle
of the 20th century.)

[ E ] Year 2019 - Adapting the Industry requirements :

• Adapting to pertaining conditions and situations is the core of developing for any existing
manufacturing company, keeping that in mind, along with our professionals working hard on the
research and development, We as a unit at Tirupati Enterprise are modifying the methods and drilling
equipment that our company manufactures. A fine example of this is the Automatic drilling machine.
An automated drill rig (A D R) is an automated full-sized portable land-based drilling rig that
drills long and sturdy sections of the land in horizontal wells for water and borehole drilling.
These powerful drilling rigs that can move from pad to pad to new well sites and borewell sites
faster than other full-sized drilling rigs are a remarkable achievement of The Tirupati Group.
Moreover, this Automatic drilling rig can extensively be used in borehole drilling, water boring,
water well drilling, land drilling, deep water well drilling, rotary drilling, mud drilling and last
but not the least earth drilling.

• According to our expert's team, "Each automatic drilling rig will generate 50,000 man-hours of
work during the construction phase and upon completion, each operating rig will, directly and
indirectly, employ more than 100 workers." which is also great economically and environmentally
friendly compared to the conventional drilling rigs. "ENSIGN", an international oilfield services
contractor based company in Calgary, Alberta, that makes Automatic drilling rigs claims that these
drilling rig machines are "safer to operate, have "enhanced controls intelligence," "reduced
environmental footprint, quick mobility and advanced communications between field and office.